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Texas job market thrives as the state adds 41,800 jobs in May alone



Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrates milestone as the state reaches new highs across several employment indicators

Austin, Texas – As Texas keeps exceeding the national average in job creation over the past year, Governor Greg Abbott has declared a significant breaking point in the state’s economic growth. According to the recent statistics from May 2024, Texas not only surpasses past job growth rates but also reaches new highs across several employment indicators.

With a labor force of 15,262,600, the Lone Star State boasts a historic high according to the Texas Workforce Commission. In the history of the state, this number shows the most individuals either employed or actively looking for job. Furthermore, 14,655,700 is the new highest number of Texans employed—including those who are self-employed.

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With an addition of 41,800 employment in just one month alone, Texas reported an unheard-of high of 14,195,600 non-farm jobs by the end of May. Texas added a strong 316,700 jobs over the twelve months from May 2023 to May 2024, growing at a rate of 2.3 percent—half a point faster than the national growth rate.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrates milestone as the state reaches new highs across several employment indicators

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, courtesy of Greg Abbott on Twitter

“Texas is where the future is building,” said Governor Abbott. “That is why Texas continues to grow jobs and outperform the nation in annual job growth. With America’s Best Business Climate, our strong and growing workforce, and an unwavering focus on investing for the future, we see more Texas businesses innovating and more hardworking Texans forging a path to prosperity. Texas is where today’s products are made and where tomorrow’s technologies are born. We will continue to lead the nation as we build a bigger, better Texas for decades to come.”

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Texas has had job growth in 47 of the past 49 months; this steady rise is not a passing trend. Nearly 2.4 million new jobs under Governor Abbott’s direction reflect the state’s robust business environment.

Governor Abbott also mentioned recent structural improvements to the state’s commercial scene, including the 11 new business court divisions established last year. These courts are meant to quickly resolve difficult commercial conflicts, hence maintaining Texas’s economic gears running fast.

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Texas’s leadership in the U.S. economy is reinforced by this continuous success in job creation and economic development, therefore guaranteeing a bright future as the state draws companies and job seekers both from all around the country as well as internationally.