Google, facing antitrust scrutiny, says it will let apps like Spotify offer alternate billing systems.

Google said on Wednesday that it would allow some apps, such as Spotify, to offer their own billing system within the Google Play store as part of a pilot program.

The move would allow those apps to bypass Google’s own payment system and the main commissions that it charges. The change comes as Google and Apple, the two biggest app store operators, face complaints from regulators and developers that they are abusing their dominance in mobile software to force companies to use their proprietary billing methods.

The test program will start with music streaming service Spotify, a vocal critic of the hefty commissions charged by Google and Apple. Spotify will present its own billing options on devices running Google’s Android software alongside the payment system offered by the Google Play store.

“This is a significant milestone and the first on any major app store,” Sameer Samat, a Google vice president who oversees the Google Play store, wrote in the blog post.