Tesla Releases FSD Beta Version 10.12 By Financial Eye

Tesla (TSLA) Releases FSD Beta Version 10.12

By Michael Elkins

Tesla (NASDAQ:) started its push to roll out its latest FSD Beta software update Thursday. The newest update is based on 250,000 training videos and promises to improve upon several key features.

The latest update has upgraded the decision-making framework of the Autopilot so that left turns can be taken after carefully modeling the response of the surrounding objects. It also uses more accurate lane geometry as well as occlusion detection of a higher resolution.

Maneuvering around static obstacles has also been improved. The static obstacle network has been retrained with better data to improve understanding of visibility as well as geometric accuracy. Maneuvering around cars with open doors and moving out of restricted spaces is now likely to become easier.

Tesla has been frequently releasing new software updates to the FSD Beta program and adding more owners to it. With around 100,000 drivers in the program, the company is expected to have more data to train the vehicles’ neural nets and improve the all-around functionality of the Full Self-Driving features.

Source: Investopedia