Zevi G Brings the Love for Art and Community into the Metaverse with the 456 Collector’s Club NFT

Life in the metaverse is ever-changing and developing, as NFT projects and artists look to reach new heights. Providing an NFT project that is unlike any other, creative artist Zevi G has newly introduced his 456 Collector’s Club NFT collection to the world as we transition into the era of the metaverse.

Zevi G has set his sights on making 456 Collector’s club an everlasting project that lives forever in the metaverse. Zevi G and his team are focused on putting the community first, developing utilities that take care of the family that is being built. 456 Collector’s club is a collection of 4,560 NFTs that live on the ethereum blockchain that aims to reward loyal collectors with an aligned vision. Owning this NFT showcases your trust in the collection in which Zevi G aims to make you feel a part of the project as it grows.

Artistry within an NFT project is essential for the project to stand out, however growing and developing with a community is how an NFT project can live on forever. Zevi G has been a successful artist/sculptor creating beautiful sculptures. With this talent, Zevi G transitioned into creating digital files and started developing 456 land.

456 land consists of the 456 Collector’s Club NFTs, a collection of 4,560 3D Generative Namaste Sculptures. Owning a 456 collector’s club NFTs grants you access to VIP events with Zevi G himself and like-minded individuals who are loyal holders. To gain access to these exclusive events and gifts you can mint now at 456collectorsclub.com. With an instant reveal once you mint, you will get to see all of the traits that your 456 collector’s club has, and if you’re lucky enough you can mint the super rare 1 of 1 NFT.

Keeping the community highly connected, Zevi G has been hosting weekly Twitter spaces and clubhouse sessions to further develop a relationship with his community. Leaving the floor open for anyone to learn more about Zevi G himself, his story, and what makes his project different from others. With these weekly sessions, Zevi G looks to express himself and let everyone know that this is more than just another NFT project. You can learn about the future of 456 lands, the history of Zevi G himself, what’s to come for holders, the next steps in the roadmap, and so much more. Within these spaces and clubhouses, Zevi G allows anyone to speak on stage and ask questions which allow for further improvements in developing the connection and trust between himself and the community. As well as joining in the discord to engage with his audience and let them know that he is consistently building and developing 456 land. You can follow every step of the way along with Zevi G and the community in their discord at https://discord.com/invite/456collectorsclub.

Zevi G is proving that he is more than just an artist, he is bringing his life into 456 land and will grow this to be his forever masterpiece. While still creating his incredible sculptures that are normally quite expensive, some holders of the 456 collectors club can be lucky enough to win the raffle and take home one of these iconic sculptures. By holding a 456 collector’s club NFT you will receive a signed print copy of your NFT by Zevi G, as well as a 7 x 7 Namaste sculpture of the color of your NFT. Many other projects will require you to outsource or purchase a physical copy of your NFT, however, Zevi G is looking to sincerely reward everyone who believes in him by being a part of the 456 family by distributing rare gifts. Zevi G is truly changing the way that NFTs and the real world integrate with each other and how one can build a community that is all about positivity and long-term success.

Source: Crypto News