New Report from Dacxi Finds Lack of Crypto Education Stops Over 57% of People from Investing

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Dacxi, the world’s leading Crypto Wealth Platform, today released a comprehensive report titled ‘The State of Crypto Education 2022’. Based on the results of a comprehensive survey, the report points to the severe lack of appropriate crypto education for everyday people, and the impact this has on their willingness to engage in the market.

The report includes data surveyed from 2,000 Australians and 3,000 Britons. Almost 62% of the respondents were male, and 78.7% were over the age of 45.

Throughout the survey, several trends emerged. One was the changing attitudes to traditional wealth-building investments. Almost 33% of respondents reported they were either dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied, with traditional investments such as property, stocks, and shares. Conversely, interest in building wealth through crypto was clear – with almost 34% of those surveyed highlighting ‘how to build wealth with crypto’ as the crypto topic they most want to learn about. This indicates a growing shift in focus away from traditional assets, and towards digital assets such as crypto.

However, the report’s biggest finding was the importance of crypto education – and the current lack of it. When it comes to crypto, 60% of those surveyed identified themselves as ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ knowledgeable. A massive 43.35% of those surveyed believed they lack the information and knowledge they need to successfully engage with crypto.

The report also indicated the impact that education has on their willingness to enter the market. In Dacxi’s survey, 28.5% answered that lack of knowledge was the number 1 factor holding them back, and a further 29.32% stated that it was very much part of their consideration set. This means a total of more than 57% are avoiding investing in crypto, simply due to a lack of education about the topic.

It is believed that the next wave of crypto buyers will have an average age of 44 and average household income of USD 107,000 a year. With the audience for crypto changing from tech-savvy millennials to everyday people, simple and accessible educational resources are set to become even more critical.

“This new research has highlighted that the lack of education aimed at retail investors is the main reason why investors do not invest in crypto-assets,” says Gisa Ellis, Head of Learn for Dacxi. “Crypto platforms that prioritise education while making it easy and fun for anyone to learn will give people a better chance at building their crypto wealth.”

The research illustrates that, despite of the burgeoning interest crypto-assets across the globe,

there is still very little structured education aimed at everyday people. Going forward, Dacxi believes a healthier market will require better education among the public, and a better understanding of the purpose crypto currencies serve in the global financial ecosystem.

As Ellis explains, Dacxi has already begun work to bridge this information divide. “To support our customers, we’ve created the Dacxi Wealth System. It’s designed to develop crypto confidence for everyday people, using education, resources, support, and a highly engaged community.”

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