NFT visionaries are doubling down on community ethos amid a bearish cycle

The fever-pitch euphoria of nonfungible tokens (NFT) reached its proverbial all-time highs in the hours preceding the calamitous gas wars of the Otherside metaverse land sale. But by most reputable accounts, following almost a year of frantic exponential growth, rife speculation and cultural spotlighting, the market was long overdue a respite. A hiatus from minting…

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FTX CEO Testifies Before House Agricultural Committee on Futures Market

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried testified before the House Agricultural Committee on Friday following a proposal to regulate futures markets with automated tools. Amidst skepticism, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried made his case for using computers to perform margin calls on leveraged positions at a hearing on Friday in Washington, D.C. In his testimony, Bankman-Fried testified that…

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Ripple (XRP) Rallies in Lieu of Ongoing SEC Lawsuit

On Friday, Ripple (XRP) rallied as the crypto market stabilized after Terra’s depegging sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Ripple ended Thursday at $0.377384, rallying to $0.439217 by the end of Friday, data from Coingecko shows, as the debacle surrounding former SEC Corporation Finance Director William Hinman’s comments escalates legal proceedings toward an impending court date….

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